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teammac offers many different options for training that allow you to customize your experience in order to achieve your personal running goals.

For all level of membership on teammac, if you pay for 6 months in advance, you get one month free of charge.

Full-Time Membership:

  • $80/month
  • As a full-time member, you compete with other teammac runners in road races and relays throughout the year. We focus on both a fall marathon and a spring marathon, and spring training always includes a training program for Boston each year. During the summer, we focus on faster speedwork and compete at track meets and faster.
  • Group training on 4 days each week: 2 speed sessions, 1 long run workout, and 1 water running workout

Weekly Long Runs Only:

  • $35/month
  • Saturday long runs only (no speed workouts during the week)

Speed Workouts During The Week Only:

  • $65/month for workouts during the week (no Saturday long runs)

Membership with a spouse or significant other

  • Full-time: $65 each/month
  • Weekly Long Runs Only: $25 each/month
  • Speed Workouts During The Week Only: $50 each/month

 Water Running

  • Fridays at 8:00 a.m. (check workouts for the location each week; must be logged in to access)
  • Included in dues for members of teammac
  • $20/month
  • Good options for runners who are injured or taking a break from road running

You should have a mileage base of about 30 miles per week before joining teammac.  It can be made up of easy running or some speedwork, as prior speed training is not a requirement to join.

If teammac is what you are looking for to help you achieve your running goals, please contact Coach Mac at or (512) 826-4545.